Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2021: Forecast for All Zodiac Signs, Pt. 1

For the video link to the forecast click here.

When Mercury turns retrograde, there are delays and our timing is off—Mercury turned retrograde last Saturday February 1 and maybe since then you have noticed delays, mis-steps and missed communications, trips with more frequency.

Last Saturday I needed a jump because I left my keys in my ignition, and I backed into a tree and broke my rear lights. When Mercury goes retrograde and energizes a touchy point in your chart, it increases the odds of glitches and delays—on February 1st, transportation-ruling Mercury formed a square (challenge) to my foggy, denial-oriented Neptune in my second house of personal possessions—conditions ripe for car problems.

Mercury goes direct on Sunday February 21 in what looks to be a tense, mentally exhausting weekend—until then, maximize this time to review, edit, backtrack, wrap up loose ends: the energy is fantastic for these backwards-looking projects. Write a letter, reach out to someone you have not heard from in a while, finish up projects: this is what you want to be doing now, NOT starting something entirely new, as it will get off to a slow, choppy start. The energy is GREAT for review and finishing up. I have a stack of photos that need to go into an album—I am so happy to Mercury Retrograde on my side.

Personal relationships are tense with love-and-marriage Venus in let’s-be-friends Aquarius squaring bullish, traditional Mars in Taurus through February 21. Warrior Mars in conservative Taurus does not really groove to rebel-yell Aquarius: they both want to be right, they both do not budge, and they are both convinced they are right. It’s a fractious time—opinions are SUPER STRONG this mercury retrograde as know-it-all Aquarius is happy to share off-the-grid beliefs, and stick to them. Taurus is just as stubborn—just way more status-quo. Our ears will be ringing until Friday the 19th when the Sun moves into people-pleasing Pisces and the tension is reduced a bit—but we need to wait till the end of the month for Venus to leave Aquarius and end it’s stand-off with Mars. Personal relationships will feel cool and detached until then.

Fighting Mars does get a few days of R&R this month when it forms an easy angle to dreamy Neptune February 13–mid month is a great time for spiritual work, the ego (Mars) gets weakened when it connects with spiritual, ego-dissolving Neptune. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mars gets softened up a bit.

I will be back next week with a forecast for the New Moon in Aquarius and part 2 of Mercury Retrograde—until then, try not to get too attached to your opinions and maybe try and detach a bit when confronted with emotionally sticky situations—this as a means of coping and maybe transcending.

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