Astrology of New Zealand

New Zealand Constitution

*Nicholas Campion’s “The Book of World Horoscopes” is the source for dates/times below for New Zealand.

New Zealand experienced radical and shocking change just 10 days ago when it experienced horrifying terror attacks. Uranus is the planet that symbolizes radical, shocking change. A quick look at the chart for the date/time of the NZ Constitution shows Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus, this in 1853. In 2019, Uranus just moved into Taurus, and is now almost exactly at the same place it was in 1853.

Uranus has an 84 year cycle; at the end of 84 years it returns to the place where it started in the sky, from our point of view on earth, and astrologers call this a planetary “return”. New Zealand has had just one Uranus return, back just before WWII. When Uranus does return to it’s starting place, it brings at best perspective, wisdom, and insight at a higher level–something we all hope for if we are lucky enough to live that long; at worst, it brings shocking–and potentially violent change, just like a lightning bolt–that is absolute. It’s the ultimate burned bridge.  New Zealand’s had it’s first Uranus return just before the onset of WWII. It’s second Uranus return started last year, ever so briefly, when Uranus made a brief appearance in Taurus before it turned backwards into Aries–and we know the terrorist spent at least a year if not longer plotting the crime. But New Zealand’s second Uranus return really started on March 6th when Uranus moved into Taurus for good. At least, for the next 7 years. The terror attacks in New Zealand were on March 15th.

Uranus is the planetary symbol for freedom, liberty, tolerance, eccentricity. In the NZ Constitution chart, Saturn–symbol of government, bureaucracy, structure–is also in Taurus. These 2 symbols/planets are fused in this nation’s psyche; New Zealand’s government certainly is more tolerant than most, women and minorities in general fare better here in terms of their participation in government. That is a positive expression of this astrological aspect pattern. But, to truly nerd out, let’s look deeper.

In this chart Taurus rules the 7th house–the house of open enemies. And, get this, Venus–the planet that rules Taurus–rules this chart: that means Taurus is stronger in this chart. So, when Uranus moved into Taurus earlier this month, it triggered the 7th house–also, ruled by Venus–and flushed out enemies hiding in plain sight, i.e. open enemies. This chart has a very strong and friendly angle between the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto–all indicating a very favorable government–relative to other governments– for women and women’s values and is just a great place for women in general. I have been to New Zealand and relative to the USA, this spirit is clear to see and feel.


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