Moon and Rising Signs

The forecast focuses on the Sun. Most people know their Sun Sign.

If you know your Moon sign, you can read the forecast for the Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable Sign of your Moon. Moon is your sense of security and conditioned responses, the impact of our mother and how we nurture ourselves. It’s what we do to feel safe.

If you know your Rising Sign, then you can use the forecast to understand how the planetary aspects of the week are impacting this sensitive part of the chart. The Rising Sign is the point where the Sun was rising at the time of your birth; it’s a window or aperture through which your Sun expresses itself, and it has a filtering effect on the Sun-. The Rising Sign is what people first see of you. We intuitively relate to our Sun sign–this is our free will. And we can usually relate to our Moon because it is our instincts. Transits to the Rising Sign are about how we appear/behave in the world and our identity.

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