The Coaching Session

Coaching sessions are in person or by phone. Some of my clients know exactly what their goal is: weight loss by summer, run a faster mile, learning a positive behavior or skill. Other clients have a goal that is worthy, but needs refining before getting started. I had a client who had a goal of being a better parent. Once we agreed on what that meant, we could clarify goals and work towards attaining them. For some life problems you might be experiencing, an initial session to hash out the problem to get the facts and clarify the goal and then a few follow up sessions to practice what your learn is all that is needed.

Other clients are making huge spiritual changes in their lives and need more support. When our value system abruptly changes, what do we do? rOr when we feel we need to explore other ways of being spiritual? I offer coaching sessions to individuals on a spiritual path and looking for a spiritual guide with the intention of putting you in touch with your own self-empowerment.

Still other clients are needing coaching because of a huge, sudden and unwelcome life change: a loss, a divorce, a change of status, an illness; there’s been some sort of set-back, a major loss of mojo. In cases where the life change is so great, there is often a new identity that emerges; and humans don’t really like new things. We want things to stay the same. So if you are coming out of a huge change and want to feel purpose and meaning again, reach out for an astrology or tarot reading and commit to some coaching appointments–gain control of your thoughts, improve your ability to respond effectively in the moment, increase your emotional vocabulary, increase your intuition and increase your ability to tolerate distress without loosing your cool.

All coaching sessions are recorded, so you can go home and listen again to the material taught in session; additionally, you will be asked to practice new skills and behaviors related to your goals. I will give you homework. And, as your coach, I will hold you accountable!





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